Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Season 2009

The Winter season is here though it's mostly sequels.I can only watch some of the new animes though because I won't have much time with school starting.Anyway,here's my list:

Minami-ke Okaeri(Uguu...The same studio as the second season one is doing this...Hope it's better.><)

Maria Holic(Very nice and Maria is KAIIIIIIII!!!!Traps are SOO DELICIOUS!!!Ok,I love traps!I kind of like yuri too.^^||)

Akikan(Watched the pre-aired episode and it's funny,especially Fukuyama Jun's voice!Melon kaii!!!)

Munto(Uguu..don't want to write the long name but since it's KyoAni doing this I will definitely watch!I didn't see the OVA though.)

Kurokami(Interesting story and done by Sunrise.Maybe it will be nice.)

White Album(Mizuki Nana and Hirano Aya voicing as two singers is epic WIN!!!)

I may watch the second season of Birdy but I have to finish the first season first.Added with CLANNAD-AS,Soul Eater,Toradora,Kuroshitsuji,Skip Beat and Toaru,I may not watch so much new animes.Sigh.><

Monday, December 8, 2008

Kannagi ep 10-Karaoke and Lucky Star reference

Nagi's singing is the best!!!!!And hilarious.^^Nice song there,especially where she paused.

Ok,the starting was already a reference of Lucky Star's karaoke and maybe the director wanted to put it in because he was one of Lucky Star staffs too.^^

I like Tsugumi's singing too actually,and Daitetsu was shockingly good too.^^I like Takako and Akiba pairing too,it will be epic if they are together.Takako was really win but I think she sang cute and like what the others say,disgusting.lol.Jin didn't do so well,and Zange was pretty much cute only.Haha,why Shino opening her eyes is so scary,probably the geass.^^

I laughed when Jin got in the room with the Lucky Star girls in there.^^

Anyway,on other animes,CLANNAD-AFTER STORY is still good,and so much like real life.Toradora is funny too,I don't know why I like Minorin so much.Kannagi is one of the animes that is great this season though I didn't expected it actually.^^Just watched To Aru ep 10 and it's getting good.^^

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Previews on CLANNAD-AS,CHAOS;HEAD,Index,ef-a tale of melodies,NC

Hmm..I have no time to write so much so I put all under one.lol.So far,this are the animes I'm following more closely.And NC is Nodame Cantabile,I don't want too much words cramped there.lol.^^

Episode 2 was as funny as ever,with Sunohara finding a fake girlfriend to let Mei worry less about him and Tomoya the one plotting everything.^^Poor Sunohara,Kyou,Tomoyo and a guy who appears suddenly(?) beat him up in just one day.lol.And Sanae is so kaiiiiiiiiiiiii with the cosplays and Nagisa with the hairclip made her more kaii!!!Sanae wearing the uniform was win though.^^
Anyway,Mei looks troubled,wonder what's going to happen the next episode.I guess this is the Sunohara's arc bah.

The first episode was just so mysterious added with kaii girls and humour.lol.The thing is I don't really like Taku's not accepting three-dimensional as in the real world.>< That other girl who wears glasses must be following Taku to investigate the case bah,she seems suspicious.And the intro that showed the girl kissing him and the part where she was covered in blood with a man's body with stacks beside him is kind of mysterious.The ending ends with a climax with that girl suddenly appearing in Taku's class.

Episode 2 was WIN with the battle and all and I kind of liked that Touma didn't abandoned Index.^^The battle scenes reminded me of Shana but colours were nice.The twintail girl finally appeared and I loled at the loli teacher.I wonder what's her age,she can drink alcohol and smoke.@_@I hope Toradora will also get nice as it's done by J.C.Staff too.

ef-a tale of melodies
The first episode was nice,the op style didn't change and they had a nice song like Euphoric Field too and it's in English.And Renji did appear as that yellow twintail girl's(forgot her name) cousin.They are going to show Yuu and Himura's story I think,and that scene where Himura says he hates Yuu keeps me in suspense.

Nodame Cantabile-Paris hen
Yay for a second season of Nodame!!!^^And this time they are going to yup,Paris!Nice staring of the show with Beethoven's music(I think) as the BGM when they arrived at Paris.There are so many hilarious scenes,like Nodame speaking in French that she was being raped at a restaurant and an Frenchman who is an otaku and is obessed with Shana.And I loled at the ending as I felt sad for the two room-mates as they are going to see what the Japanese are capable of.lol.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Season 2008 new animes

The long anticipated season is here!With fresh new animes and sequels,there's lots of animes to watch and my list of animes is quite long:

CLANNAD-After Story(More sadness ahead!)

ef-a tale of melodies(Nice visuals by Makoto Shinkai!)

Nodame Cantabile-Paris Chapter(More music!!It often reminds me of my CCA.lol)

Toradora!(Kugumiya Rie is WIN!)

Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka(Quite good cast)

Hyakko(Slice-of-life desu~)

Kannagi(Op is like Lucky Star.lol)

To Aru Majitsu no Index(Ep 1 was great)

Yozakura Quartet(Nice story)

Kuroshitsuji(The butler is smart and creepy.lol)

CHAOS;HEAD(Saw the game op and story and looks nice)

I may watch Kyo no 5 no 2,Mouryo no Hako,Shikabane Hime Aka,Vampire Knight Guilty(if it's nicer than first season) and Kemeko Deluxe! though if I have time.

Watching Casshern Sins and Skip Beat! on Arts Central though it's from ODEX.><><><><

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Code Geass R2 episode 5 teaser(Spoilers)

I know,I'm bored so I just want to share this funny flash of the Code Geass R2 episode 5,the last scene where you know the phone call that had Nunally talking.
Here's the website: http://kenkoudaa.sakura.ne.jp/page205.html

It's real funny and it made me laugh.I found this on animesuki though.There are other flash too so explore.^^

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spring 2008 new animes to watch

Even though it's hontou ni,hontou ni late now,I think I will still just make a list of the new animes I'm watching in Spring 2008.^^||

To-love ru(Ecchi and funny desu)
Kanokon(It's just a pure ecchi anime)
Da Capo II S.S(Haha,finally about Otome and Yume)
Soul Eater(Nice action and funny'Death the Kid'^^)
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki(The weirdest family probably with Kyouran-sama!)
Kurenai(The story is nice and Murasaki's kaii!)
xxxholic kei(Story's nice but too bad I have no time to watch season 1)
Special A(Envy the S.A class desu,they are so smart>.<)
Code Geass R2(I'm just watching a bit only,hope to watch season 1 first)
Koharu Biyori OVA(Haven;t watched part two and three desu)

I haven't finished watching Aria the Origination too.Sigh,so many to watch!ZETSUBOUSHTAA!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Gender Bending of Suzumiya Haruhi and CLANNAD

The Gender Bending of Suzumiya Haruhi is an idea somebody thought of and now animesuki and nico nico are working on it.There are some ideas on CLANNAD too.

So basically,it's actually the gender switch of the characters in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu and CLANNAD.The names are changed too:
Suzumiya Haruhi-Suzumiya Haruki


Koizumi Itsuki-Koizumi Itsuko

Asahina Mikuru-Asahina Mitsuru

Nagato Yuki-Nagato Yuuki

Asakura Ryoko-Asakura Ryo


The videos for it:
Suzumiya Haruhi


There are the novels too^^:


Animesuki thread discussion:


So it's quite interesting desu but I doubt that it can become a anime.And Haruki is so funny.KYONKO IS SOOOOOOO MOOOOOOEEEEEEEEE!!!Nagisa and Fuuko too.Taniguchi.^^
By the way,anyobody watched the caramelldansen videos already?It's quite funny.^^

Monday, February 25, 2008


lol at Tomoya blushing at Nagisa.^^

So,I think this episode is the ending of Kyou's and Tomoyo's arc already and that made me sad.I want to see more of Kyou and Tomoyo's arcs!!!!!And why does Fuko always appear desu,making their time lesser.><

Tomoyo has such a sad story and I'm glad her family's all right now.^^And now we know why she transferred to the school.And she hitting Sunohara's face with the ball was hilarious.

I feel sad for Kyou and Ryou too because they cried at the end because they finally realised Tomoya only has feelings for Nagisa after seeing him protecting Nagisa.I was kind of shocked when he protected Nagisa though.^^||
The insert song was nice too but it didn't fit the last part.The whole episode was funny and sad especially with the breakfast scene.I guess we won't be seeing much of Kyou,Ryou and Tomoyo already.Why did Fuko had to come out on this episode too.><\
And now that Tomoyo won the presidential student council elections,I think she will fulfil her dreams and help the Theater Club too.

Friday, February 8, 2008

2008 Winter season new animes

Well,gomen I was gone for so long.Was kind of busy so didn't update the blog.^^||Anyway,here's the animes I'm watching for the winter season:
CLANNAD(I wonder how KyoAni are going to wrap the other three girls arc desu)

Shakugan no Shana II(The story is getting better now and more action)

Hayate no Gotoku(There's still many laughs and humour)

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei(The third episode was more funny and better and I miss Zetsubou Sensei!!)

Minami-ke Okawari(This season isn't so funny as the first season,the art style isn't so nice but the animation is better)

Gunslinger Girl II(I didn't watched the whole of season 1 but it's still nice)

Shigofumi(Nice story and there's so many mysteries in it)

Ghost Hound(The story is nicer and I learnt quite a lot things)

Kimi ga Aruji de Hitsuji ga Ore de(Funny characters especially kawaii-con nee-chan!)

True tears(It's quite touching and not bad)

H2O-FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND-(I was interested by the trailer but it didn't turned out to be so nice)

Kimikiss Pure Rogue(The love triangles just change here and there but it's relaxing.lol)

Aria the Origination(Nice slice of life and it somehow always calms me)

Bamboo Blade(The match is interesting desu,and Tama-chan's just SOOOOOOOOO KAAAAAAIIIIIII!!!!)
So,that's all I'm watching.Jya then!

Which is your favourite VOCALOID?