Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Season 2010

And yup,it's just next week!Though it seems little new animes are in this Winter season,there are quite a few interesting ones.^^I added the links for the PVs and websites on the anime title itself.

Dance in the Vampire Bund-SHAFT and a vampire girl,definitely the most potential anime here for me.^^

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu-I read the light novel already and it's really funny,plus a trap is in there!A must watch for the Silent Pervert!^^

Durarara!-Done and written by the same people who did Baccano,it should be nice.The trailer looks good too.

Ookami Kakushi-Ryukishi7 and Peach Pit together,and a mystery plot.I will definitely watch this.

Sora no Woto-A anime original with A1 doing sounds good and the character design reminds me of K-ON and Kannagi too.

Nodame Cantabile Finale-NODAME!!!I want to see how it ends and Nodame kaiii!!!^^
Ladies VS Butlers-The character designs makes me remind of Kanokon which was -_-First episode came out already but no Op and Ed so I skipped watching.I heard a trap is there though.^^

Seikon no Qwaser-The story looks interesting but..breastfeeding??I'm not sure.@_@

Omamori Himari-Kaii girls and the same voice actor who voiced Holo.It may be nice if it doesn't go to the plain ecchi route.

Katanagatari-Same guy who wrote Bakemonogatari so I may watch this
That's all but as school starts,I may not have muct time to watch all.>< Especially with Railgun,KnT,Letter Bee,Kobato,Cross Game,FMA:B and Fairytail cotinuing.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Current Autumn 2009 animes that just ended

Quite a lot of the Autumn season animes ended and I just wanted to post on it.^^||

Nyan Koi-A decent ending and we will really get a second season?I hope so.The show was nice mainly for the twins(Kotone-chan!) and the cats.^^

Kampfer-What?@_@Episode 11 ended terribly and to make it worse,episode 12 was a time-waster.The only good thing about this show was Shizuku-sama.><

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 2-I'm satisfied that Haruka and Yuuto finally kissed in the credits.Season 1 was a lot better though.No Season 3 for me.-_-

Asura Cryin'2-Great action-packed ending and Misao was just funny at the end when she bumped into the door.Poor Nia too.^^||This wasn't confusing and much better than Season 1.

Seitokai no Ichizon-Why did it have to end?I really like all the characters!!!Especially Ken.^^Mafuyu and her BL at the end was too funny,Minatsu having babies was WIN!And they made a nice reference to the flying panties in SnO.

Sora no Otoshimono-Nymph is finally free!I like how this didn't turned out like other harem shows and how the characters are so likable.Nice scene at the end,and the action was good.I hope there will be a second season.

Natsu no Arashi 2-Nice ending but how long are they going to continue?The whole time-travelling thing was funny and the characters are all so fun.^^

Darker Than Black 2-What a fast-paced episode.-_-So,Shion copied another world for Suou to live in without being his copy.And what about Yin,Izanami,and the ninja girl fight???And why is there a shota Yin at the end?So Suou's memories was gone and her role is done?I want to know about Hei and Yin!!!Oh,July with November 11 too??^^||

Umineko-Haiz.They cut so many scenes from the visual novel.Where's the Battler and Beato hug???But small bombs is WIN!I guess I just have to wait and read the translated Chiru visual novel for now.><

11eyes-So,Shiori is gone,along with Kukuri(the one with wings)in the end.They brought back the dead by saying they are in a parallel world.>< Overall,it was ok.

That's pretty much what I watched finished,Winter season is next!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Current animes I'm following

This Autumn season certainly brings many nice animes!Comedy-wise more though.^^

Kimi ni Todoke-I just love Sawako and who wouldn't want to protect her?I'm interested with the plot now as Hirano Aya's character Kurumi has appeared.I'm cheering for Sawako and her friends for the Sports Festival!She and Kazehaya is so kaii together!^^

Cross Game-This series suddenly has so many love interests that I'm confused.^^||I'm still supporting KouXAoba,though Azuma certainly can see through everyone.Akane really looks like Wakaba that it reminds me of her with Kou last time.So sad.><

Nyan Koi-The twins are amazing,my favourite character is Kotone definitely!I'm heading for Junpei to get Kaede or Kanako in the end.I still love the cats!^^

ToRailgun-Saten must be really sad to be a Level 0 unlike her friends.I have to say Kuroko is quite impressive while fighting too.I think Saten will use the Level Upper.Still no Touma too.^^||

Darker Than Black 2-They killed Tanya which I kind of expected but not the killer.^^||It seems like Suou's father is alive thanks to Shion and they are watching her.Hei is still cool without his powers and Suou and July is just kaii.^^

Umineko-I feel sad for Maria to have a mother like Rosa.>
Kampfer-Shizuku-sama!!She's so amazing yet that dense Natsuru is infatuated with that Sakura.Sakura is the moderator!I'm sure of it!><

Seitokai no Ichizon-It looks like Ken is really building up his harem dream.^^||I like Elise,what an intelligent girl!^^I wonder how Ken's going to handle his harem now.^^||

11eyes-What can I say?Yandare Yuka is creepy but I'm ok with her.Yukiko is my favourite character,so kaii and without her megane,cool!And Shiori has made her move!Finally.^^||

Letter Bee-The OP and ED full versions are amazing to hear.That aside,I don't get why people find Lag crying irritating,I like it.Sylvette is also a crybaby too.^^And as Lag is finally promoted,I hope he can find Gauche and become Head Bee.^^

That's the animes I'm following closely,I'm still watching other animes too.^^

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Umineko and other current animes

Well,with Ange finally appearing in Umineko anime,the ride will definitely be more fun!Oh,yeah,I must mention the OST is epic and win so I have been addicted to it for quite some time.^^||Oh,Sakutaro appeared too,so kaii!~kihihi

Darker than Black:Gemini of the Meteor-Can do without the transformation thingy and I like Suou as the main character.Hei finally ate food already.^^||I just love seeing Suou and July together,they are so kaii together!^^

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun-I guess they are finally moving on to the bigger plot now.Even though they started late,I guess it's alright as this is 24 episodes.I love Kuroko and her antics and tsundere Mikoto is kaii!!!!But she really isn't fit to be in Judgement.^^||

Letter Bee-Niche is so kaii and Lag is nice too.I like Niche being Lag's dingo but the names in this show is so funny like Love Someone Down.^^||

Seitokai no Ichizon-Many parodies inside and I think I'm starting to like Chizuru more and more.She always dominates everyone.^^Of course,having Ken in makes the show funnier and Mafuyu is like me,a game addict.But I'm not so addicted in games like her.^^||Minatsu in long hair is beyond words.^^

Sora no Otoshimono-The best pantsu anime!lol.I really laughed out loud at all the pantsu jokes around,the explosion and the flying pantsu which has speed so fast.

Nyankoi-Reminds me of Seto no Hanayome and the cats are so kaiiiii!!!!The harem is growing more it seems but the cats are my real reason to watch this!^^

Kimi ni Todoke-Sawako is such a kind and gentle girl that I hate those who spread those rumours of her.Lucky for Sawako to have Kazehaya,Yano and Yoshida to become her friends.She really deserves it.^^This series is very warm and lightheartining.

This are the animes I'm following more closely,11eyes too just that I don't have much to write on it except its OP and ED are awesome.Exams are over,yay!^^

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Autumn 2009 new animes

It's Autumn and exams are around the corner.><

Darker than Black-Ryuusei no Gernini(The first season was nice and I like Yin!Plus BONES is doing it!)

Asura Cryin'2(After a very confusing first season,I still want to see how they do a second season^^)

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza(Yay for Haruka to come back,she's so kaiiiii!)

Natsu no Arashi!Haru,Natsu,Fuyu Uchi(SHAFT wins and the characters are fun,especially Jun!)

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun(I have been waiting so long for this!!!BIRI-BIRI!!!!Hope J.C.Staff does a good job like they did with Index)

11eyes(Saw the game op and the song is very nice,visuals too!)

Kampfer(Traps are in there!!!!I must definitely see it!!!^^)

Sora no Otoshimono(Nice trailer plus they have K1's seiyuu in it)

Kimi ni Todoke(Production I.G is doing and it seems to be a heartwarming story)

Kobato(CLAMP is inside so will try.Plus Kobato is kaii!)

Letter Bee(Not sure about this but heard the OVA is nice)

Seitokai no Ichizon(Will watch for comedy and parody's sake)

Nyankoi(Neko dayo!It reminds me of Seto no Hanayome though)

I may watch Fairytail if it is interesting,Shin Koihime+Musou too. I'm not sure of th e others though.With End-of-year exams approaching,I doubt I can watch the others.><

Monday, September 7, 2009

Current animes that are quite nice this summer

Haha,couldn't think of a better title,so forgive me for the long-winded title.^^||
So far,Bakemonogatari and Pandora Hearts have been exceptionally nice for me but the rest also have some good points in them.^^

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuustsu Second season-Aside from Endless Eight,KyoAni is doing a good job with the animation and the portrayal of Haruhi dancho's different sides in the Sighs arc.Though Endless Eight made me almost dead.><

Princess Lover-It gets more funnier every episode,even when it's supposed to be serious.^^||

Bakemonogatari-I LOVE HITAGI!!!!!!!She's one of the reason I watch this,such a original character and I like the witty dialogue she has with Araragi.SHAFT is great and I like the wierd scenes.^^

Umineko no Naku Koro ni-It's very mind-boggling but I like killer lolis!Maria is so kaii and Beatrice's cackle is nice to hear.^^

Pandora Hearts-Break is my favourite character already,and the story and mystery is really nice.Chibi Vincent is creepy though.

Cross Game-I have never read Adachi Mitsuru's work before but this show is really touching.Aoba's skills is amazing,she deserves to go in to the nationals.^^

Saki-I pretty much like yuri,so the yuri parts is ok for me but I like the mahjong tournaments the most,I even learned mahjong because of this show.Mahjong is fun!

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0-Uguu...there are some hints of Yuuki being dead which I don't want because he's nice and fun and I wonder how Mirai will overcome it.Well,they have to be realistic too,haiz.><

Sora no Manimani-I like particularly everything of the sky,so this show has been amazing for me.The stars and moon and Mihoshi's obsession with astronomy makes me like this show more.I always want to go stargazing after watching this show.But I don't dare to go out at night while my parents are sleeping.^^||

CANAAN-Great animation and I'm quite interested in synesthesia,I already read about it before watching this show.I like Alphard for some reason.^^||

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood-It is quite tense,especially the action.I can't really remember the first season but BONES is doing a good job so far.

Hayate no Gotoku 2-HINAGIKU FTW!!!!I like the comedy a lot and nice story on Nagi but I still prefer Hina-chan!!!^^
This animes are the ones I'm following closely,I dropped some others as I have no time.><

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer 2009 new animes!

And the summer season is coming upon us!lol.But there are a few new animes only so it's quite a dull season.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni-How can I not watch it?The trailer is awesome and I'm expecting it to be like Higurashi^^

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu 2-The God is finally back!Yay for Haruhi-dancho!

Bakemonogatari-Done by SHAFT and an interesting story and trailer,a must-watch!

CANAAN-The story is intriguing so I will try it

Aoi Hana-I think it will be a relaxing anime with^^||

Kanamemo-Slice-of-life anime!I miss it so much!

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0-Hmm...BONES is doing this so just trying it^^

I may watch Sora no Manimani,GA Art Class and Princess Lover(for h^^||) too.

Anyway,K-On ended pretty disappointing and Eden Of the East is making me depressed.The movie will be out in November!!!>< Currently wondering if I should watch Spice and Wolf and SZS 3.^^

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring 2009 Preview

And I'm a bit late,I know.But here's the animes I'm going to watch for Spring 2009!Yup,K-On is definitely on my watch list.^^

Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood(Of course I will be watching this though I haven't read the manga)

K-ON(First episode was nice and I like Yui and Mio!MOE!!!)

Hayate no Gotoku 2(Nice first episode and more on Hinagiku!Love the ED!)

Asura Cryin'(The first episode got me interested in the story already)

Pandora Hearts(Nice to have a dark anime this season)

Valkyria Chronicles(I like the character design so will try watching)

Eden of the East(Trailer looks nice and it reminds me of HnC)

Saki(I always wanted to learn Mahjong plus lolis are in it!^^)

Shangri-La(Nice op and I want to see what GONZO will do this time)

Natsu no Arashi(It's made by SHAFT but I hope the animation will be nice after seeing the trailer)

Hatsukoi Limited(Kaii girls so no need to consider

I think that's all I'm going to watch pls Hetalia Axis Powers,I may watch Cross Game if I have the time though.Queen's Blade was just plain ecchi for me so I dropped it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New VOCALOID Megurine Luka!

Ans so,the third vocaloid to the VOCALOID2 series has finally come out!
Megurine Luka,which is programmed to be more fluent in English and of course she still sings Japanese.^^

Megurine Luka talking English

Megurine Luka PV-I want to eat a tuna

I guess she's also kaii and I like her too!But she sometimes reminds me of Len's voice.^^||



And as CLANNAD-AS finally ends after a touching scene plus Fuko to help add some comedy and dry some think crying for all the earlier episodes was for nothing though as this episode went back in time and Nagisa and Ushio survived.At least it was great to see a happy ending.^^And that mysterious girl's idenity is finall known,she appears to be Ushio!The extra episode was fun,which Nagisa got owned by Tomoya and Sunohara.^^I like the Kyou and Ryou parts too.

Toaru ends with a cliffhanger!That girl looks kaii,desho?~Nosebleeds like Kanoko-chan~Just kidding!lol.I can't wait for the second season and overall the series was alright but I think it could have been better.Anyway,yay for more Mikoto!To Aru Kagaku no Rail Gun has been confirmed!
Wondering how Toradora is going to end and despair as Maria+Holic and Minami-ke Okaeri is going to end.><


Which is your favourite VOCALOID?