Monday, November 30, 2009

Current animes I'm following

This Autumn season certainly brings many nice animes!Comedy-wise more though.^^

Kimi ni Todoke-I just love Sawako and who wouldn't want to protect her?I'm interested with the plot now as Hirano Aya's character Kurumi has appeared.I'm cheering for Sawako and her friends for the Sports Festival!She and Kazehaya is so kaii together!^^

Cross Game-This series suddenly has so many love interests that I'm confused.^^||I'm still supporting KouXAoba,though Azuma certainly can see through everyone.Akane really looks like Wakaba that it reminds me of her with Kou last time.So sad.><

Nyan Koi-The twins are amazing,my favourite character is Kotone definitely!I'm heading for Junpei to get Kaede or Kanako in the end.I still love the cats!^^

ToRailgun-Saten must be really sad to be a Level 0 unlike her friends.I have to say Kuroko is quite impressive while fighting too.I think Saten will use the Level Upper.Still no Touma too.^^||

Darker Than Black 2-They killed Tanya which I kind of expected but not the killer.^^||It seems like Suou's father is alive thanks to Shion and they are watching her.Hei is still cool without his powers and Suou and July is just kaii.^^

Umineko-I feel sad for Maria to have a mother like Rosa.>
Kampfer-Shizuku-sama!!She's so amazing yet that dense Natsuru is infatuated with that Sakura.Sakura is the moderator!I'm sure of it!><

Seitokai no Ichizon-It looks like Ken is really building up his harem dream.^^||I like Elise,what an intelligent girl!^^I wonder how Ken's going to handle his harem now.^^||

11eyes-What can I say?Yandare Yuka is creepy but I'm ok with her.Yukiko is my favourite character,so kaii and without her megane,cool!And Shiori has made her move!Finally.^^||

Letter Bee-The OP and ED full versions are amazing to hear.That aside,I don't get why people find Lag crying irritating,I like it.Sylvette is also a crybaby too.^^And as Lag is finally promoted,I hope he can find Gauche and become Head Bee.^^

That's the animes I'm following closely,I'm still watching other animes too.^^

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Umineko and other current animes

Well,with Ange finally appearing in Umineko anime,the ride will definitely be more fun!Oh,yeah,I must mention the OST is epic and win so I have been addicted to it for quite some time.^^||Oh,Sakutaro appeared too,so kaii!~kihihi

Darker than Black:Gemini of the Meteor-Can do without the transformation thingy and I like Suou as the main character.Hei finally ate food already.^^||I just love seeing Suou and July together,they are so kaii together!^^

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun-I guess they are finally moving on to the bigger plot now.Even though they started late,I guess it's alright as this is 24 episodes.I love Kuroko and her antics and tsundere Mikoto is kaii!!!!But she really isn't fit to be in Judgement.^^||

Letter Bee-Niche is so kaii and Lag is nice too.I like Niche being Lag's dingo but the names in this show is so funny like Love Someone Down.^^||

Seitokai no Ichizon-Many parodies inside and I think I'm starting to like Chizuru more and more.She always dominates everyone.^^Of course,having Ken in makes the show funnier and Mafuyu is like me,a game addict.But I'm not so addicted in games like her.^^||Minatsu in long hair is beyond words.^^

Sora no Otoshimono-The best pantsu anime!lol.I really laughed out loud at all the pantsu jokes around,the explosion and the flying pantsu which has speed so fast.

Nyankoi-Reminds me of Seto no Hanayome and the cats are so kaiiiii!!!!The harem is growing more it seems but the cats are my real reason to watch this!^^

Kimi ni Todoke-Sawako is such a kind and gentle girl that I hate those who spread those rumours of her.Lucky for Sawako to have Kazehaya,Yano and Yoshida to become her friends.She really deserves it.^^This series is very warm and lightheartining.

This are the animes I'm following more closely,11eyes too just that I don't have much to write on it except its OP and ED are awesome.Exams are over,yay!^^

Which is your favourite VOCALOID?