Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter Season 2009

The Winter season is here though it's mostly sequels.I can only watch some of the new animes though because I won't have much time with school starting.Anyway,here's my list:

Minami-ke Okaeri(Uguu...The same studio as the second season one is doing this...Hope it's better.><)

Maria Holic(Very nice and Maria is KAIIIIIIII!!!!Traps are SOO DELICIOUS!!!Ok,I love traps!I kind of like yuri too.^^||)

Akikan(Watched the pre-aired episode and it's funny,especially Fukuyama Jun's voice!Melon kaii!!!)

Munto(Uguu..don't want to write the long name but since it's KyoAni doing this I will definitely watch!I didn't see the OVA though.)

Kurokami(Interesting story and done by Sunrise.Maybe it will be nice.)

White Album(Mizuki Nana and Hirano Aya voicing as two singers is epic WIN!!!)

I may watch the second season of Birdy but I have to finish the first season first.Added with CLANNAD-AS,Soul Eater,Toradora,Kuroshitsuji,Skip Beat and Toaru,I may not watch so much new animes.Sigh.><

Monday, December 8, 2008

Kannagi ep 10-Karaoke and Lucky Star reference

Nagi's singing is the best!!!!!And hilarious.^^Nice song there,especially where she paused.

Ok,the starting was already a reference of Lucky Star's karaoke and maybe the director wanted to put it in because he was one of Lucky Star staffs too.^^

I like Tsugumi's singing too actually,and Daitetsu was shockingly good too.^^I like Takako and Akiba pairing too,it will be epic if they are together.Takako was really win but I think she sang cute and like what the others say,disgusting.lol.Jin didn't do so well,and Zange was pretty much cute only.Haha,why Shino opening her eyes is so scary,probably the geass.^^

I laughed when Jin got in the room with the Lucky Star girls in there.^^

Anyway,on other animes,CLANNAD-AFTER STORY is still good,and so much like real life.Toradora is funny too,I don't know why I like Minorin so much.Kannagi is one of the animes that is great this season though I didn't expected it actually.^^Just watched To Aru ep 10 and it's getting good.^^

Which is your favourite VOCALOID?