Monday, December 8, 2008

Kannagi ep 10-Karaoke and Lucky Star reference

Nagi's singing is the best!!!!!And hilarious.^^Nice song there,especially where she paused.

Ok,the starting was already a reference of Lucky Star's karaoke and maybe the director wanted to put it in because he was one of Lucky Star staffs too.^^

I like Tsugumi's singing too actually,and Daitetsu was shockingly good too.^^I like Takako and Akiba pairing too,it will be epic if they are together.Takako was really win but I think she sang cute and like what the others say, didn't do so well,and Zange was pretty much cute only.Haha,why Shino opening her eyes is so scary,probably the geass.^^

I laughed when Jin got in the room with the Lucky Star girls in there.^^

Anyway,on other animes,CLANNAD-AFTER STORY is still good,and so much like real life.Toradora is funny too,I don't know why I like Minorin so much.Kannagi is one of the animes that is great this season though I didn't expected it actually.^^Just watched To Aru ep 10 and it's getting good.^^

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