Sunday, October 12, 2008

Previews on CLANNAD-AS,CHAOS;HEAD,Index,ef-a tale of melodies,NC

Hmm..I have no time to write so much so I put all under far,this are the animes I'm following more closely.And NC is Nodame Cantabile,I don't want too much words cramped^^

Episode 2 was as funny as ever,with Sunohara finding a fake girlfriend to let Mei worry less about him and Tomoya the one plotting everything.^^Poor Sunohara,Kyou,Tomoyo and a guy who appears suddenly(?) beat him up in just one Sanae is so kaiiiiiiiiiiiii with the cosplays and Nagisa with the hairclip made her more kaii!!!Sanae wearing the uniform was win though.^^
Anyway,Mei looks troubled,wonder what's going to happen the next episode.I guess this is the Sunohara's arc bah.

The first episode was just so mysterious added with kaii girls and thing is I don't really like Taku's not accepting three-dimensional as in the real world.>< That other girl who wears glasses must be following Taku to investigate the case bah,she seems suspicious.And the intro that showed the girl kissing him and the part where she was covered in blood with a man's body with stacks beside him is kind of mysterious.The ending ends with a climax with that girl suddenly appearing in Taku's class.

Episode 2 was WIN with the battle and all and I kind of liked that Touma didn't abandoned Index.^^The battle scenes reminded me of Shana but colours were nice.The twintail girl finally appeared and I loled at the loli teacher.I wonder what's her age,she can drink alcohol and smoke.@_@I hope Toradora will also get nice as it's done by J.C.Staff too.

ef-a tale of melodies
The first episode was nice,the op style didn't change and they had a nice song like Euphoric Field too and it's in English.And Renji did appear as that yellow twintail girl's(forgot her name) cousin.They are going to show Yuu and Himura's story I think,and that scene where Himura says he hates Yuu keeps me in suspense.

Nodame Cantabile-Paris hen
Yay for a second season of Nodame!!!^^And this time they are going to yup,Paris!Nice staring of the show with Beethoven's music(I think) as the BGM when they arrived at Paris.There are so many hilarious scenes,like Nodame speaking in French that she was being raped at a restaurant and an Frenchman who is an otaku and is obessed with Shana.And I loled at the ending as I felt sad for the two room-mates as they are going to see what the Japanese are capable

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