Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring 2009 Preview

And I'm a bit late,I know.But here's the animes I'm going to watch for Spring 2009!Yup,K-On is definitely on my watch list.^^

Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood(Of course I will be watching this though I haven't read the manga)

K-ON(First episode was nice and I like Yui and Mio!MOE!!!)

Hayate no Gotoku 2(Nice first episode and more on Hinagiku!Love the ED!)

Asura Cryin'(The first episode got me interested in the story already)

Pandora Hearts(Nice to have a dark anime this season)

Valkyria Chronicles(I like the character design so will try watching)

Eden of the East(Trailer looks nice and it reminds me of HnC)

Saki(I always wanted to learn Mahjong plus lolis are in it!^^)

Shangri-La(Nice op and I want to see what GONZO will do this time)

Natsu no Arashi(It's made by SHAFT but I hope the animation will be nice after seeing the trailer)

Hatsukoi Limited(Kaii girls so no need to consider

I think that's all I'm going to watch pls Hetalia Axis Powers,I may watch Cross Game if I have the time though.Queen's Blade was just plain ecchi for me so I dropped it.

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xXxevil_cutexXxgirlxXx said...

dude, your blog is awesome!! how do u do all that!? byez

Which is your favourite VOCALOID?