Monday, February 25, 2008


lol at Tomoya blushing at Nagisa.^^

So,I think this episode is the ending of Kyou's and Tomoyo's arc already and that made me sad.I want to see more of Kyou and Tomoyo's arcs!!!!!And why does Fuko always appear desu,making their time lesser.><

Tomoyo has such a sad story and I'm glad her family's all right now.^^And now we know why she transferred to the school.And she hitting Sunohara's face with the ball was hilarious.

I feel sad for Kyou and Ryou too because they cried at the end because they finally realised Tomoya only has feelings for Nagisa after seeing him protecting Nagisa.I was kind of shocked when he protected Nagisa though.^^||
The insert song was nice too but it didn't fit the last part.The whole episode was funny and sad especially with the breakfast scene.I guess we won't be seeing much of Kyou,Ryou and Tomoyo already.Why did Fuko had to come out on this episode too.><\
And now that Tomoyo won the presidential student council elections,I think she will fulfil her dreams and help the Theater Club too.

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