Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Winter Season 2010

And yup,it's just next week!Though it seems little new animes are in this Winter season,there are quite a few interesting ones.^^I added the links for the PVs and websites on the anime title itself.

Dance in the Vampire Bund-SHAFT and a vampire girl,definitely the most potential anime here for me.^^

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu-I read the light novel already and it's really funny,plus a trap is in there!A must watch for the Silent Pervert!^^

Durarara!-Done and written by the same people who did Baccano,it should be nice.The trailer looks good too.

Ookami Kakushi-Ryukishi7 and Peach Pit together,and a mystery plot.I will definitely watch this.

Sora no Woto-A anime original with A1 doing sounds good and the character design reminds me of K-ON and Kannagi too.

Nodame Cantabile Finale-NODAME!!!I want to see how it ends and Nodame kaiii!!!^^
Ladies VS Butlers-The character designs makes me remind of Kanokon which was -_-First episode came out already but no Op and Ed so I skipped watching.I heard a trap is there though.^^

Seikon no Qwaser-The story looks interesting but..breastfeeding??I'm not sure.@_@

Omamori Himari-Kaii girls and the same voice actor who voiced Holo.It may be nice if it doesn't go to the plain ecchi route.

Katanagatari-Same guy who wrote Bakemonogatari so I may watch this
That's all but as school starts,I may not have muct time to watch all.>< Especially with Railgun,KnT,Letter Bee,Kobato,Cross Game,FMA:B and Fairytail cotinuing.

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