Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring 2010 new animes!

Gah,I will miss Sawako!!!!But anyway,Spring is here and that means new animes!^^

Working-Funny first episode.Minicon?And I like the assistant manager.^^Definitely my slice-of-life anime this season.

Angel Beats-Well,Key is doing the story and P.A.Works(did CANAAN) the animation so it will definitely be on my list.Trailer looks good too,but that purple-coloured girl reminds me of Haruhi dancho.@_@

K-On Season 2-Just hope for more to do with band this time instead of the usual moe stuff.I like moe stuffs but I want to see more on the band part!><

Ookiku Furikabutte Season 2-Probably the only sports anime I'm interested in,other than Cross Game.Cross Game!!!I will miss it too!!!!!!Anyway,I like the way this anime don't exaggerate the sport actions like some other certain animes.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama-J.C.Stuff is doing it so I will try.Female lead looks nice though and I heard it's popular.I really don't read mangas nowadays.^^||

Senkou no Night Raid-It's part of the 'Anime no Chikara' project like Sora no Woto so I will try.A1 doing again and the setting's in Shanghai?I wonder how the Japanese is going to touch on the WWII subject.Sora no Woto is also nice but ending.><

Arakawa Under The Bridge-Done by SHAFT so I will watch..I know nothing of the story.^^||The trailer is very weird...nevermind.

I may watch Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou as the cast is quite interesting.Sugisaki Ken for the main lead and Yui and Mio for the two female characters.^^

Heroman also looks interesting with BONES doing.
I may watch Mayoi Neko Overrun too as it's AIC again!They did Nyankoi)More cats again.^^||The Da Capo one looks like a recap only and it may be the same as Shuffle!Memories>< so won't really watch.
Yes for Black Rock Shooter OVA!!!!I can't wait for it!That's all,I guess.

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