Wednesday, June 9, 2010

YUIIIIIII!!!!!!!!(Angel Beats Episode 10)

My Yui has disappeared.But it was good to see Hinata confessing to her.I have supported HinataXYui ever since they met.^^||
But it is still so sad to see Yui go!She's my favourite character too.I also like Kanade and Yuri.I like how strong Yuri is after seeing her siblings die because of those bad robbers.
This episode probably went near CLANNAD in terms of sadness for me even though I know Yui is happy to get her wishes fulfilled.The beginning of the episode was funny with Otonashi helping Yui to fulfill her wishes of doing boxing and playing soccer and baseball.I like how Otonashi and Kanade acted the 'dropping guitar and fall into Otonashi's hands',that was pretty funny.But the later part was great with Hinata confessing to Yui.All the scenes where if they met in real life was really touching too.I felt sad for Yui being unable to move in real life,no wonder she's so hyperactive.At least we know Yui is finally happy.

Next episode looks like they are going to fight,with some new enemies or something.Other animes that are great for me this season are Working(Kotori!Inami kaii),Arakawa Under the Bridge(Stella@_@Nino,Sister and Maria are awesome too),Durarara(Izaya's controlling everybody,I still like his stomping hobby),FMA;B(Now Mustang is blind.How are they going to win?) and Kaicho wa Maid-sama(I'm just a for more HinataXYui fanart!

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