Saturday, June 19, 2010

Current animes that are finishing this spring

So,there are so much animes I'm going to miss!Like FMA:B,Drrr and Angel Beats!It has been a good season with many animes exceeding my expectations.^^

FMA:B-I'm really going to miss this after it finishes as I have been following it for so long.I really like how this isn't a typical shounen series and it develops every character,even the humunculus.Wrath being content before dying and Pride thinking of his parents before he becomes a fetus just shows that even humunculus have feelings.I can't wait to see how Ed and everybody win the Father and I wish Al will have his body back.I won't read the manga for fear of spoilers too.

Working!-This was a fun comedy show with Inami's androphobia always making me laugh.I feel sad for Poplar as she didn't get her screentime but the last episode will do just that!I like all the characters here and Kotori's really kaii!I understand Poplar for admiring her.^^The duo Jun and Souma always reminds me of Shizuo and Izaya from Drrr!! as they have the same seiyuus.(Even the personalities^^||)I really like Yamada and her directness too.^^

Arakawa Under the Bridge-Since it's going to end,I think Riku is going to face with his father face-to-face in the last episode.I also like Nino but she's mysterious and I want to know her past.Stella was kaii before I saw her other form.^^||Sister is amazing with his traps but he made it worse for Riku.Maria is also awesome.^^

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou-A nice harem anime which made me interested from the beginning with the main character being fated to be the Maou(Demon Lord).Even in the last episode,it remain unchanged.^^||I feel sad for Peterhausen though,I like him. Keena is kaii with her rice and Junko the tsundere also makes me smile.Korone is fun too and I want more from Lily!!!Brave was unexpectated for me too.The ending was nice but I still felt everything was a bit fast paced.Anyway,a harem ending's nice.

Durarara!!-I felt really tense throughout the episode,and Shizuo is simply not human.^^||He doesn't feel pain from all those bullets and Shinra didn't seem too worried with Shizuo too.I really like Simon and I want to know his background. Russian Shushi yo!And Kida can really fight which is why he can even become the leader of Yellow Scarves.^^And now that the three friends have met,I wonder what will happen.I think Namie got found out by Izaya or something.She look like she's giving information.I think Izaya's plans will be destroyed eventually too.

Angel Beats!-This episode was what I predicted with a unknown character turning out to be the creator of everything.I like Yuri's past in this episode,it made me like her more but her laugh there reminded me of Kira(Light) which scared me.I won't mind if she becomes God though.Funny moments in this episode is TK saying out great lines like "Knockin' on Heaven's door" and Matsushita losing weight,I almost couldn't recognize him.I wonder why Yuri haven't disappeared though but I guess next episode will have everyone disappearing and moving on.I'm sad yet happy too.^^||

Some others are Oofuri 2 and Mayoi Neko Overrun.I'm eagerly waiting to see how it will end for this two series.I'm glad I still have K-On,Kaichou Wa Maid-sama and Fairytail continuing as I will miss them if they end now too.

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