Friday, October 12, 2007


Ok,I know it's late,but I haven't watch ep 2 because I can't find it so I blog ep 1,ok?^^

Well,the op was nice and beautiful just like what KyoAni would have did.The episode was funny and I like Nagisa's mother the most.So poor,Tomoya don't have to be so direct with her
Nagisa is so kaii and the episode started off with her talking to herself but suddenly Tomoya interrupts and they met.Then they went to Youhei with the rugby team and that was hilarious too.And Ryou's fortune telling was so correct.looooool.The last part went with Nagisa asking Tomoya if he wants to be taken to the place in the town where wishes are granted.
Tomoyo came out in this episode and the next episode the two other characters from the op will be shown.By the way,the most funny thing in this episode is that Tomoya's new name,Tomoya Eternal!

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