Sunday, October 14, 2007

Shakugan no Shana II episode 2

Wow,Hecate in uniform!

This episode was funny,because of Shana's tsundere again.She wanted to make a bento so she won;t lose to tsundere!
The episode had a lot of fighting,and Shana and Yuuji were in a dream that was of course done by Mare.And he in the end got defeated anyway.But now we learnt that Yuuji's existance had grown due to the incident that happened with Hecate.
Well,Mare wanted Yuuji's Reigi Maigo but Yuuji woke Kazumi up just in time and the three of them-Shana,Yuuji and Kazumi were back to where they were before.
Yuuji was impressed that Kazumi realized that it was a dream,and she said it was because she wanted to see Yuuji .Shana then asked if Kazumi could be careful with her lunches because Yuuji ate too much and got sick and Kazumi said she will make half of the lunch to Yuuji.Shana then agreed.
When Shana told Alastor and Wilhelmina about the kaikin Mare mentioned during the fight,Wihelmina realizes something which I still don;t know.Margery Dew,who had been drinking all the time,also senses that something wrong.
The next day,the teacher welcomed a transfer student and immediately Shana and Yuuji knew that she was Hecate.

I think Hecate will somehow try to get close to Yuuji,and I think the man which is their enemy is behind this.Well,I hope this will turn into a love comedy of Shana,Kazumi and Hecate liking Yuuji.Ok,I'm just kidding.loooooooooool

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