Sunday, October 14, 2007



Well,this was a nice episode,introducing the two new characters from the op,which Fuko is soooooooooooo ubeeeeeeeeeeeeeer KAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!Kotomi was kaii too and funny.And now we know why the end song is about dango.
And the part where Kyou was bi.LOL!Spoilers so can't tell that.^^I like it when Youhei always want to confront Tomoyo,because he always gets defeated.I like the part where she asked if Youhei want to fall down,and he didn;t even answer it yet but she said oh,yes,you want to fall?looooooooooooooooooool.Then Youhei goes
Kotomi is funny,she got a high IQ and instead of answering Tomoya;s questions,she asked him if he wanted lunch.So funny.And the Fuko also,high five!Then hand pain.loool.
Well,this episode still mainly focused on Nagisa and Tomoya,they started the drama club and I like the part where Tomoya said the prettiest club president in the school refers to Nagisa.The last part was sad,about Tomoya can't play basketball because of his arm injury.Nagisa was good too,she waited for him in the rain and when she found out Tomoya can't play basketball anymore,she kept apologising and started to look weak and she fainted.That was a sad scene,poor Nagisa.
Anyway,I think the loli is Nagisa and somehow the voice is Tomoya.I'm just guessing.
Next episode will be fully dedicated to Nagisa and Tomoya,wow,it's so fast that they already show this two together.

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